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Your little bundle of joy

on Thu, 01/07/2016 - 21:13

Picking an infant name for your youngster is practically like picking his personality. Ever found out about the relationship of a man's name with his identity? That is the manner by which our names truly work. A name shapes a man's personality like a a fresh suit gives him an image. Read on for a few tips on the best way to give that best infant name to your little bundle of joy.

First of all, you could chose a family name, one of your parents or grandparents, but of course then the child may always be seen or known as little Joe (or Jim or Lucy or, you get the picture). Is that giving him his or her own personality?

Secondly, what about the ethnic origin of a name. for example you might be considering a Biblical girls name or even an American Italian name

Thirdly, you probably need to think of the future and what you want for your child. Are you going to choose a cute name, or at least it is cute when you are 3 or 4. Is it so cute when he is a heavily tattooed 30 year old? Remember the Johnny Cash song about a boy named Sue?

Consider any shortened version of his name. I once knew a child whose first name was Richard and his last name Head (I kid you not). The shortened version of Richard is often Dick. Put them together!

On the topic of shortened version, what about initials? Francis Uriah Charles Kildonan, perhaps isn’t the best idea. Write the initials down-you will often see some glaring errors that way.

Finally, try not to overthink. You can go round and round in circles but ultimately the child is yours-not your parents, aunt, best friend and so on. Just consider him or her in the future.